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Aqua Santé - Natural Health Products and Colon Hydrotherapy - Colonics - France & Monaco

Your source for better health...starting within

Libbe Hydrotherapy System
Natural Health Products
Healthy Gut Rehab
Healthy Gut Rehab

Cetody Sound Healing  -  Hydrotherapy  -  Natural Health Products  -  Plant-Based Nutrition Coaching

Aqua Santé is a wellness destination for state-of-the-art aqua-cleansing techniques and the finest natural products and consultation services to optimise health and wellness.

Our mission is promote a plant-based lifestyle and to inspire and support people to feel their best and live a healthy life with natural treatment techniques and health consultation services.

We believe that health and wellbeing starts from within. Through natural organic supplements, internal cleansing and colon hydrotherapy with our certified Libbe System,  we help remove toxins that build up over time in order to cleanse, detoxify and promote a healthy body and mind.

Conveniently located in France on the border of Monaco and just 30 minutes from the Nice Côte d'Azur Airport in the French Riviera or at our new location at the Cegonha Country Club in the Algarve, Portugal.

Aqua Santé - Natural Health Products - Colon Hydrotherapy - Colonics - Gut Health - France, Monaco

Using Mother Earth's natural resources to purify, fortify and rejuvenate your body and soul 

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Healthy Gut Rehab

Aqua Santé is proud to team up with Anima Corpus Monaco to offer a customised package carefully designed to accompany you on a journey to revitalised digestive health, complete with hydrotherapy sessions, microbiota testing, personalised consultations and organic Bio Chaga.


Visit our page to find out more and to book your package today.

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