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Healthy Gut Rehab

Aqua Santé is pleased to announce its new venture with Anima Corpus Monaco, an innovative Health and Nutrition company providing anti-aging & wellness kits. Together they offer you a complete Healthy Gut Rehab Package customised to revitalise your inner well-being.

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Your Customised Digestive Health Solution 
Initial Gut-Health Consultation 

Begin with a one-on-one Discovery Call with our microbiome expert - Master in Health and Nutrition Science, to define your digestive challenges and create your tailored gut recovery plan.  To find out more about Healthy Gut Rehab, please contact us at:


Beausoleil, France / Monaco:  

+33 (0)6 76 69 66 41


Algarve, Portugal:

+351 915 439 541

Microbiota Test 

Gain valuable data about your digestion quality, inflammation, leaky gut, immunity level, polyps, cancer cells, various pathogens, Candida, SIBO, allergies and beneficial bacteria level.

Colon Hydrotherapy
(3 Sessions) 

Experience the rejuvenating benefits of our gentle colon irrigation system, designed to detoxify your body and promote a sense of lightness and purity with our innovative LIBBE system. Throughout your wellness journey, our therapist and plant-based nutrition coach will help you make positive eating choices to promote a healthy gut.

Personalised Supplement Protocol

Based on your microbiota test results, you will receive an efficient supplement regimen designed to detoxify and heal your gut lining, rebalance the microflora, and enhance your body's overall vitality.


We offer you an organic Bio Chaga mushroom powder to start your detoxification process and additional supplements can be purchased separately.

Step by Step Guide to Gut Health
Using a Cellphone
Discovery Call

For your personal introduction

+33 6 76 69 66 41

Sample Kit.JPG

Sampling Test Kit

by pick-up or delivery

Image by Supliful - Supplements On Demand

Your personalised supplement protocol

Gut Health Rehab
image_123650291 (1).JPG

Your microbiota sample at home and send directly to our labratory

Image by Renáta-Adrienn
Carry on

With your supplements for 2 months to insure your desired results

Hydrotherapy Session.jpg

Your Colon Hydrotherapy sessions located in Beausoleil, France

Image by Gabrielle Henderson
Follow-up Consultation

With your full report & detailed supplement  recommendations within 10 days 


From revived health and repeat your Healthy Gut Rehab Program twice per year to maintain continued purification

Hydrotherapy Session Pricing

Healthy Gut Rehab

  • 3 Hydrotherapy Sessions

  • Microbiota Test Kit

  • Consultations

  • Organic Bio Chaga

998 €


Pack of 6 Sessions

75 € Savings

Aromatherapy and electrolyte drink included

675 €


1 Complete Session

45 min

Aromatherapy and electrolyte drink included

125 €

Swimming Pool

Pack of 12 Sessions

250 € Savings / 2 Free Sessions

Aromatherapy and electrolyte drink included

1 250 €


Pack of 3 Sessions

30 € Savings

Aromatherapy and electrolyte drink included

345 €

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