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Cetody Sound Healing

Aqua Santé is proud to launch a new, unprecedented sound therapy from their holistic healing repertoire. Joining with Cetody Sound Healing, you can now experience the remedial benefits of cetacean sound healing through various methods of therapy.


Dive deeper into this one-of-a-kind solution designed to rehabilitate various ailments and disturbances through this breakthrough discovery and all-natural, acoustic remedy. 

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What is Cetody Sound Healing (CSH)?
Image by Richard Sagredo

Cetody Sound Healing is an alternative medicine using the therapeutic properties and healing sounds of cetaceans as sonotherapy as well as musicotherapy.  Much work and study has been put into understanding the complex language used between cetaceans and then to further decipher and extract the specific communications which are particularly beneficial for healing purposes.

This new holistic method of care provides both preventive and healing benefits for your overall health and well-being through a three-tiered sensory experience:

  • Cetody Vibratory Care (CVC)
    Out-of-water treatments on acoustic vibratory mat

  • Cetody Relaxation Care (CRC)
    Group cetacean sound healing in lounge with headphone meditation, sound bath, salt room, infrared crystel mat, lyashl dome

  • Cetody Immersive Experience (CIE)
    Water immersion treatments (jacuzzi, pool, float bath)

  • Cetody Expeditions to swim first-hand with orcas and whales

What are the benefits of Cetody Sound Healing?

Our first trials have shown that exposure to CSH significately affect the following:

  • Maintains energetic balance

  • Accompanies pregnancy & preparation for childbirth

  • Relieves menopause & andropause symptoms

  • Improves sleep

  • Promotes relaxation

  • Boosts overall well-being

  • Reduces stress & anxiety

  • Relieves tinnitus

  • Helps to overcome phobias

  • Relief for various depressive syndromes

  • Supports and improves communication in cases of autism

  • Promotes concentration

  • Improves athletic performance

  • ...and so much more

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Why are Cetaceans so special?
orca moon_edited.jpg

Cetaceans belong to the marine mammal species made up of whales, dolphins, orcas and porpoises. They share extremely rich social interactions and have the capacity to solve complex problems, to adapt collectively by appealing to a social organisation of great wealth and they also exhibit profound efficiency in predation. They are extremely intelligent, observant and deductive creatures.

The verbal language of cetaceans involves communicating with each other at a very high level of complexity. Transmitting their culture and their knowledge from generation to generation over millions of years, cetaceans have developed the ability to use their sounds in the liquid element to communicate amongst themselves as well as to locate their prey. We now know that they also have the ability to self-heal using their own sounds at proper frequencies.

This discovery was made by Pierre Robert de Latour, French freediver and orca expert, which led him to design a new holistic treatment, Cetody Sound Healing, within the Cetody Project. Cetacean sounds are not just beautiful to hear, they are also beneficial for health and healing.

Are you a client who has received Cetody Sound Healing therapy? 

Complete our online survey and tell us about your experience. 

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