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Client Consultation Forms

Thank you for choosing Aqua Santé!

Please fill out the following forms and send them to before your initial consultation, then bring your original copies with you the day of your appointment.

We look forward to seeing you soon.

Your Certified Hydro-Therapist

All Client Forms (English)

The Client Intake, Disclosure and Consultation Forms can be downloaded here.  Please send the completed, signed documents to us before your consultation.

Client Disclosure Form (English)

This Disclosure Form is to be signed by both you and your Certified Hydro-Therapist.

Client Intake Form (English)

The Client Intake Form tells us all about you, your current state of health and your medical history.

Formulaires Clients (Français)

Les Formulaire d’Amission et de Divulgation des clients peuvent être téléchargés ici. Merci de nous envoyer les documents complétés et signés avant votre consultation.

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